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I'm Clifton Evans, a UX professional with over two decades of experience working with some of the largest (and smallest) companies and organisations. I do Research & Design, for software, mobile and web systems. I have worked internationally, and locally, on projects ranging from global and national platforms to startups with complex apps.

Here are a few of my most recent engagements which are not yet in the portfolio section:

Clifton is an extremely reliable professional, very trustworthy and a very hard worker. If anything, he undersells himself and his ability. My client loved his service and attitude.

Sean Pook
- Director at Experience Talent


Project needs vary quite a bit according to the company, and every system is at a different stage of design, so it is important to be flexible in the design process, using the tools and skills necessary for each phase of a project. There are many ux processes I have worked with, but there are 3 core processes I use time and time again when redesigning, designing from scratch, or providing valuable industry knowledge. Keep in mind, these techniques are often separate, and not necessarily, in this order...

Clifton Evans has just the mix of creativity and analytical thinking that the role requires. Based on my experience of working with him I would have no hesitation in recommending Clifton to any colleague or client.

Giles Rollestone
- Head of Design at Capco


Here are a handful of the projects I've worked on over the years. Just press on the company logo to find out more about each specific project. As well, have a look at my history and cv below, to get a better idea of who I am and how might be able to help with your needs.

				        · Prototyping Screen Wireframes and Annotations for the System<br>
				        · Iterative Screen Design for MaplePictures.com, the parent company of Lion’s Gate Films

Vehicle Touchscreen


With Nokia I was researching and designing for various applications and platforms across their range of devices.

Gesture Research


				        · Analyzing the Usability of the Management Store Portal Prototype<br>
				        · Providing Architectural Needs for Redesigning this In-Store System<br>
				        · Consulting with Internal Redesign Team on their Redesign Process

Store Platform


Ericsson brought me on board to research information visualization approaches and video gaming components for their next generation of network management applications.

Network Research


				        · Blueprinting / Wireframing and Consulting on the Channel 6 Website<br>
				        · Developing a Visual Content Inventory for all the Website Assets

Childbirth Health App


				    	· Worked with Sapient to Develop a Prototype for the Global Vodafone Intranet<br>
				    	· Prototyping for Focus Groups and a Council Presentation in Budapest<br>
				    	· User Centric Design through Thematic Consistency and Relevance

Global Intranet


				        · Architecture and Interaction Design of Software for European Elderly Market <br>
				        · Consultation on Business Development models for User Experience<br>
				        · Drafting an Initial UI and Mental Model to use in Acquiring Investment

Airline Booking


Ticket ABC came to me to design the first iteration of their ticketless online event management system. I put together personas and scenarios for each of the SMS ticketing use cases, and designed page description diagrams specifying the importance of Page Elements.

Spacecraft Planning

European Space Agency

Clifton was employed as an UX consultant for Trebuchet Ltd for a medium sized scalable site build. I would recommend him to other businesses looking for an indepth, accessible and applicable analysis of site capabilities and future proof solutions.

Kailas Elmer
- Founder at Trebuchet Magazine

History Canada

Originally from Vancouver in Canada, I have been in Europe for the last 15 years, primarily in Dublin, Berlin and London. I have also spent time on site with clients in other places, including Amsterdam, Seattle, Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, San Francisco, Barcelona, Singapore, and New York.

20 years ago, I studied Media Design at the Vancouver Film School, followed by a Masters in Interaction Design at Westminster in London about 15 years ago. I am researching towards a phd or potential book looking at the design of technology and resulting human interaction.



Trinity College. Phd in Digital Arts & Engineering.
2012-2014 (on hold). Dublin. atrl.ie tcd.ie
Practice Based Research into the Performance and Design of New Instruments
Researching Frameworks of Computer Interaction, Cognition and Aesthetics
Designing Prototypes for New Instruments based on Theoretical and Practice Based Research

University of Westminster. Masters in Design for Interaction.
2003. London. wmin.ac.uk
Evaluation of Design for Psychological, Cultural and Technological Contexts
Thesis on Design for Comfort and a resulting Language Learning Network Framework
Presentation and Exhibition of Thesis Work at The Digital Hub in Dublin

Vancouver Film School. Associates in Digital Design.
1996. Vancouver. multimedia.edu
Media Studies focused on New Media Skills and Industry Applications
Focus on Project Management, Production, Marketing and Communications
Education Directly Related to the Professional New Media Field


Report. Wearables and Emotion Recognition.
Trinity Research Centre Publication. 2019. learnovate.ie

Report. UX & LX Review of MyPatientSpace Mobile MedTech App.
Trinity Research Centre Publication. 2019. learnovate.ie

Report. Effect of Gamification on Students With Learning Disabilities.
Trinity Research Centre Publication. 2018. learnovate.ie

Book. New Media Cognition (working title).
Undisclosed Book in process, 2018 onward.

Article. Changing Minds. A Conceptual Framework for Relational Cognition.
Boxes and Arrows Article, 2018. boxesandarrows.com

Articles. Success Stories. Design is Rocket Science. Zen and the Art of IA (UX)
3 Boxes and Arrows Articles, 2007. boxesandarrows.com

Article. Architecting Our Profession.
Boxes and Arrows Article, 2005. boxesandarrows.com

Book. Thinking Squared: The Object 1 Approach.
Object 1. 2003. London. digitas.com

Article. Exploring Content Filters.
Boxes and Arrows Article, 2002. boxesandarrows.com

Book. Constructing Usable Shopping Carts. eCommerce Design Book.
Apress Wrox Glasshaus Publishers. 2002. London. apress.com

Book. Flash Personalisation. Chapter in Dynamic Content Studio Book.
Apress Wrox Friends of Ed Publishers. 2002. London. apress.com

Reviewer. ActionScript Studio, Flash MX Usability, iMovie, Dreamweaver.
Apress Wrox Friends of Ed Publishers. 2001. London. apress.com


IXDA Initiative Leader. Online Resources for Industry Tools and Job Seeking.
Interaction Designers Website. 2003 - 2005. ixda.org

UXDA (UPA) Participant. Usability Professionals and User Experience Meetings and Presentations.
User Experience Design Association. 2000 onward. uxpa.org

SIG-IA Member. Community focused on the Initial Formation of IA and UX as a Profession.
Information Architecture Society. 2000 onward. asist.org

IAI Mentor. Official mentor for assistance and direction for newcomers to IA and UX.
Information Architecture Institute. 2008 onward. iainstitute.org


Panel Speaker. Future of Work and Learning.
Learning Tech Labs. Dogpatch Labs. 2018. Dublin. learningtechlabs.co

Presentation. Reports from the European Information Architecture Summit.
Conference Presentation. Isobar. Dublin. 2015. isobar.com

Presentation. Musical Surfaces: Instrumental Awareness and Visualisation of Sound.
Art Technology Research Laboratory. Queens University Belfast. 2013. atrl.ie

Presentation. Sound Interactions: Techniques in Understanding the Design of New Musical Instruments
Art Technology Research Laboratory. Trinity University Dublin. 2013. atrl.ie

Presentation. State of the Field.
Interaction Design Centre. University of Limerick. 2010. Limerick. idc.ul.ie

Presentation. Gestural & Touchscreen Research. Presenting Research with ESA.
UXCamp. 2010. Berlin. uxcampeurope.org

Exhibition. Out Cold. Realtime Lifeline System for survival in extreme temperatures.
Design for the Cold. The Design Exchange. 2005. Toronto. dx.org

Presentation. Experience Cards. A Design Tool for Scenario Development
IA Summit. 2005. Montreal. iasummit.org

Presentation. Open Source Design.
Simon Fraser University SIAT Faculty. 2004. Vancouver. siat.sfu.ca

Teacher. Design Council: Teaching Design of Game Devices to Schools.
Designers Into Schools Week. 2004. London. designersintoschools.org.uk

Organiser / Speaker. Open Source Design & Language as Design with Mark Rettig, at the BBC.
Interaction Designers Talks. 2004. London. ixda.org

Presentation. Blueprinting: Moving into Precision.
IA Summit. 2004. Austin. iasummit.org

Presentation / Speaker. Towards Comfort. Blueprint for Learning System.
The Digital Hub. Exhibit3. 2003. Dublin. thedigitalhub.com

Article / Speaker. Panel Speaker. The Big Issue Debate on eCommerce, ‘Me-Commerce'.
CreateOnline. 2001. London. createonline.co.uk

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Clifton Evans



Clifton Evans

Dublin, Ireland