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Restructural is my online portfolio. I'm Clifton Evans, a veteran UX designer with over 15 years experience working with some of the largest (and smallest) companies and organisations, designing interfaces for Software, Mobile and Web. I have worked internationally, and locally, on projects ranging from redesigning global internal networks to small promotional websites needing some refinement.

For example, here are a few of my most recent projects not yet in the portfolio below:

Clifton is an extremely reliable professional, very trustworthy and a very hard worker. If anything, he undersells himself and his ability. My client loved his service and attitude and both they and I would be very happy to hire Clifton again.

Sean Pook - Director at Experience Talent


Project needs vary quite a bit according to the company, and every system is at a different stage of design, so it is important to be flexible in the design process using the tools and skills necessary for each phase of a project.That being said, there do tend to be 3 core processes I use time and time again when redesigning an application, or designing a system from scratch. Keep in mind, these techniques are usually, and not necessarily, in this order...

Clifton Evans is a highly skilled and capable Information Architect, with just the mix of creativity and analytical thinking that the role requires. Clifton is very professional and takes his work and role very seriously. Based on my experience of working with him I would have no hesitation in recommending Clifton to any colleague or client.

Giles Rollestone - Director of UX at American Express


Here are a few of the projects I've worked on over the years. Just press on the logo of each of the companies to find out more about each specific design. As well, have a look at my history, to get a better idea of how I might be able to help with your design needs.

Cisco needed a few concept designs for the new line of desktop IP phones they will be releasing.

Concepts for Desktop IP Phones


Ericsson brought me on board to research information visualization approaches and video gaming components for their next generation of network management applications.

Gaming and Visualization Research


With Nokia I was researching and designing for various applications and platforms across their range of devices.

Design and Touchscreen Research

Nokia Maps

eSpatial was looking for a redesign of their iSMART Map Editor for the Web (SaaS), and brought me on board to do research and competitive analysis on existing mapping and GIS interaction models.

GIS Mapping Software Redesign


Ticket ABC came to me to design the first iteration of their ticketless online event management system. I put together personas and scenarios for each of the SMS ticketing use cases, and designed page description diagrams specifying the importance of Page Elements.

Event Management System

Ticket ABC

				        • Standardizing Wireframe Templates for use across Online Team<br>
				        • Consultation on O2.ie IA and Content Needs During Launch of New Site<br>
				        • Developing Ad Inventory Guidelines Establishing Formats, Ownership and Source

O2 Ireland Advertising Guidelines

O2 Telefonica

This was a project remotely redesigning a Private Jet Booking Software Suite with an advertising agency out of Seattle called Hornall Anderson. I began by doing an Analysis of the existing Use Cases and Development of Scenario for the various regular processes involved in booking a private jet through the system.

Private Jet Booking System

Citation Shares

				        · Blueprinting / Wireframing and Consulting on the Channel 6 Website<br>
				        · Developing a Visual Content Inventory for all the Website Assets

Content Inventory & Protoyping

Channel 6

				        · Prototyping Screen Wireframes and Annotations for the System<br>
				        · Iterative Screen Design for MaplePictures.com, the parent company of Lion’s Gate Films

Film Distribution prototype

Lionsgate / Alliance Films

Murphy's needed an improved website to better represent their brand and provide background information on the company. I worked with Gravitate and Murphy's, providing consultation and interface blueprints for the Murphys.com  website.

Redesign of Murphys.com

Murphy's Website

· Providing Consultation and Blueprints for the Murphy’s Live website

Redesigning the Music Portal

Murphy's Live

				        · Providing Requirements on Recommended Standards for Mobile Application Installation<br>
				        · Developing Research Focus Groups and Reporting on Future Application Needs<br>
				        · Analyzing Benchmark Documentation on Current Applications for Requirements

3G Handset Requirements


				        · Usability and Architecture for the N-Gage Community Portal<br>
				        · Prototyping Screen Wireframes and Annotations for the System

N-Gage Social Gaming Network


Shea Homes needed an interface for a new social intranet in their Trilogy Luxury Retirement Villages.

Luxury Homes Social Network

Shea Homes

Cypress Consulting approached me to work with the US Graduate Schools to provide a new site architecture for the class booking system.

Graduate Schools Course Portal

US Government

				        · Analyzing the Usability of the Management Store Portal Prototype<br>
				        · Providing Architectural Needs for Redesigning this In-Store System<br>
				        · Consulting with Internal Redesign Team on their Redesign Process

Store Management System


						· Providing a Redesign for the Procurement Services Scheduling & Booking Site<br>
						· Consulting and Presenting to teams in Victoria on UI and Architecture Solutions<br>
						· Analyzing User Interaction Processes to allow Ease of Access to Needed Material

Portal Redesign

Canadian Government

The Government of Catalonia needed a consultant to steer the interaction design and usability for the ID Grup redesign of their school activity booking system.

School Activity Booking System

Catalan Government (Spain)

				        · Worked with Rocky Mountaineer to develop the Booking System for Whistler Mountaineer<br>
				        · Defining Requirements, Paper Prototyping and Process Mapping for the Booking System

Whistler Mountaineer Booking System

Rocky Mountaineer

				    	· Worked with Sapient to Develop a Prototype for the Global Vodafone Intranet<br>
				    	· Prototyping for Focus Groups and a Council Presentation in Budapest<br>
				    	· User Centric Design through Thematic Consistency and Relevance

Global Intranet Redesign


				        · Architecture and Interaction Design of Software for European Elderly Market <br>
				        · Consultation on Business Development models for User Experience<br>
				        · Drafting an Initial UI and Mental Model to use in Acquiring Investment

Software for Elderly Photographers


				        · Designed a UI Framework for the Gizmondo Gametrac Device<br>
				        · Paper Prototyping User Interface and the Information Architecture<br>
				        · Invented a model for Text Entry via Joypad through research

Operating System UX


Object 1 brought me on board to assist with consulting on consistency and usability needs for the Department for Education and Skills in the UK.

Department for Education Portal

UK Government

Clifton was employed as an IA consultant for Trebuchet Ltd for a medium sized scalable site build. I plan to use his services again in the near future and would recommend him to other businesses looking for an indepth, accessible and applicable analysis and architecture of site capabilities and future proof solutions.

Kailas Elmer - Founder at Trebuchet Magazine

History Canada

Originating in Vancouver, Canada, I have been in Europe for most of the last 15 years, mainly in Dublin and London. I have also spent time working on site with clients in various other cities, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Seattle, Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, San Francisco, Barcelona, Singapore, and New York.

15 years ago, I studied in the New Media Design program at the Vancouver Film School, followed by a Masters Degree in Interaction Design at Westminster in London about 10 years ago. Currently, I am researching towards a phd in my own time looking at the design of electronic instruments.


Client List

European Space Agency / Daysha
Ikea / McCann
Nokia / Fjord
Ticket ABC
O2 Telefonica
Murphy’s / Gravitate
FBD / Gravitate
Channel 6 / Gravitate
Citation Shares / Hornall Anderson
Vodafone / Empathise
Nokia / Noise
Maple Pictures / Noise
Shea Homes / Engine
Best Buy Future Shop
Starbucks / Cypress
US Graduate Schools / Cypress
Stockhouse / Invoke
Bulldog Broadband / Profero
Government of Catalonia / ID Grup
Ainsworth / Telus
Whistler Mountaineer / Telus
Nike / Blastradius
Vodafone / Sapient
ChevronTexaco / Quacon
V2_ Organization
Gametrac / Instrata
WoodMackenzie / Object1
LEA / Object1
DfES / Object1
RSA / Scient
BP / Scient
Boots / Scient
Asiaxis / Stockgroup
eDeposit / Stockgroup
Cold Steel Records
Songs For Kids Records
Liquid Sky Records
Aquafins / Union Arts
Summerlove / Union Arts
Canine Equiptment / Union Arts
Taxi Magazine


Boxes and Arrows. Author. 2012. (In Progress)
Article, ‘Design Solutions’, Mar 06 2012

Guest Lecture. University of Limerick. 2010. Dublin.
Interaction Design Centre, talk on the ‘State of the Field’

Conference Speaker. UXCamp. 2010. Berlin.
'Gestural &Touchscreen Research’, findings from research with Nokia

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‘Design for the Cold’ Planners and Architects Presentations: Out Cold Lifeline System

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Article, ‘Architecting Our Profession’, Feb 27 2005

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’Experience Cards’, Design Tool for Scenario Development

Faculty Speaker. Simon Fraser University Faculty. 2004. Vancouver.
Presenting a model of Open Source Design to the SIAT Faculty

Careers Initiative Leader. Interaction Designers Website. London.
Creating an Online Resource for Employers and Job Seekers

Author. Object 1. 2003. London.
Book, ‘Thinking Squared: The Object 1 Approach’, Dec 13 2003

Design Instructor. Design Council Designers Into Schools Week. 2004. London
Teaching Design for a Day to School Students in Hook, London

Organizer. Interaction Designers Meet. 2004. London
Open Source Design talk at event on Language as Design with Mark Rettig, at the BBC

Poster Presenter. IA Summit. 2004. Austin.
'Blueprinting: Moving into Precision', Design Methodology for Developers

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Featured in The Big Issue Debate on eCommerce, 'Me-Commerce', Winter 2001

Friends of Ed. Reviewer. 2001. London
Reviewing the books: 'ActionScript Studio', 'Flash MX Usability', 'iMovie', 'Dreamweaver'.


PhD - Trinity College Dublin. Dublin
PhD in Engineering & Digital Arts

Masters of Arts - University of Westminster. 2003. London
Masters in Design for Interaction

Undergrad - Vancouver Film School - Private College. 1996. Vancouver
Diploma in Digital Design

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